Luck O' the Irish Cottage
Season 1, Episode 2
Luck O' the Irish Cottage
Air date June 7, 2013
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Twenty-Ton Texas Treehouse
Sky High Spa
Luck O' the Irish Cottage is episode 2 of season 1 on Treehouse Masters.

Plot SynopsisEdit

An Irish family in Orange County, California wants to bring a taste of the homeland to the States and has the perfect olive tree in its backyard to nestle a Celtic-themed cottage. Pete and his team devise a challenging, circular design, a cobblestone exterior, a grass roof and a custom-made rainmaker to mimic the wet Irish climate. Handcrafted furniture with intricate Celtic detail accompanies a peat-burning fireplace to help cozy up the traditional Irish treehouse and gives the family a place to relax, play and embrace its roots.

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