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Pete Nelson
Pete Nelson


The Tree Whisperer, The Treehouse Guy, Mr. Treehouse


Founder and CEO of Nelson Treehouse and Supply

The guy's obsessed. He lives and breathes treehouses.

Daryl McDonald about Pete Nelson

Pete Nelson is the founder of Nelson Treehouse and Supply and star of reality tv series, Treehouse Masters.


Pete Nelson is the visionary, tree-loving head honcho (and creative genius!) of Nelson Treehouse & Supply. He resides in Fall City, Washington, where he owns and operates Treehouse Point, a retreat consisting of half a dozen treehouses that clients can rent and experience the glories of tree living for themselves. Pete’s family, who all help him with the business, includes his wife, Judy; daughter, Emily; twin sons, Charlie and Henry; and, of course, his three dogs, Roy, Chica, and Vic! A man who always seems to be full of energy and ideas, Pete has always been extremely supportive and creative. “If you can dream it, we can build it!” is his motto. With every treehouse he builds, Pete’s abilities have only evolved. His imagination and skills are limitless, allowing him to design the types of treehouses the world has never seen before. He created Nelson Treehouse and Supply with his family the minute he felt he had enough experience to set up his own shingle. Since then, Pete and his clients have pushed treehouse expectations to the max, building luxurious lifestyles in the lofty heights of trees around the world. Pete also teaches people how to safely design and build their own treehouses and has written numerous books on the subject. His most recent books, “New Treehouses of the World” and coffee-table staple, “Treehouses: The Art and Craft of Living out on a Limb,” are both hugely successful. He’s widely recognized as the number one treehouse builder in the world. His treehouses have been featured on numerous national TV shows and newspaper articles and has been dubbed “The Treehouse Man.” Pete eats, sleeps and breathes treehouses! He is an ambitious, warm-hearted and passionate guy with a fierce sense of humor and a lot of love and respect for his team, his family and his tree friends.

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